a Scurry of Squirrels

In 2014 I spend five months in Finland at the Oulu Game Lab. In this Lab environment we simulated a start-up company in the game industry.

I was part of the team for ‘a Scurry of Squirrels’, a fast-paced action adventure for tablet devices about squirrels scurrying up the inside of the World Tree, to get to the mythical Golden Acorn.

I was responsible for the Graphic Design of the project, Social Media and Blog, and the creative-direction of the art department of our team, mediating between the game designer, the programmers, the producer and the art-team, as well as contributing to the concept art.

Game Logo, Facebook image and character sheet for OSK

Print    facebook 100 likes small    OSK character sheet small

Character Concept

scurry no1 small    scurry no2 small    scurry no3 small    scurry no4 small

Character sketches for the Boglens, enemies to the squirrels

boglen no1 small    boglen no3 small    boglen no2 small

Target audience persona sketches

persona Christopher small    persona Bastian small    persona Alicia small

Character sketches

squirrel sketch 4 small    squirrel sketch 3 small    squirrel sketch 1 small    squirrel sketch 2 small

Moving storyboard in early stages of development

Very early concept sketches

squirrel cartoon no4 small    squirrel cartoon no3 small    squirrel cartoon no1 small    squirrel cartoon no2 small


For more information on the Oulu Game Lab please visit their site.