About me

Hi! I’m Laura. And when I was little I wanted to be a jet pilot.

I was born on 1 July 1985, as the second child to Jody and Ineke. Daughter to an electrical engineer and a graphic designer, technology and creativity were no strangers to me growing up. As a child, no bare surface was safe from me and my markers. At a certain point, pencils and sketch blocks were standard birthday gifts to me.

During primary school my books were the next victims. After finishing primary school I followed a bilingual education at ‘het Stedelijk Lyceum Zuid’ in Enschede. This allowed me to further advance the little bit of English I already learned at home, and eventually graduate as a native speaker.

After secondary school came the difficult choice for a subsequent education. After flirting with the Art Academy for a year and a half, I eventually chose my (somewhat unintentional) long term relationship with Art & Technology at the Academy for Creative Technology at Saxion University in Enschede. My technical side and my creative side finally found a place where they could be together.

I’m proud of my Dutch and Indonesian roots; making me down-to-earth, but also passionate. I can be objective and look at things from both sides. I don’t mind a passionate discussion but I also believe in leaving people their dignity. If possible, I do the things my heart tells me to do. I am Laura.