Project Babel

School project involving ‘Edutainment’. The goal was to design a game, educating the player about the dangers at the workplace.

I was responsible for the Graphic Design and Branding of the project as well as the creative-direction of the art department and assisting the project leader.

Logo for the project group, Babel Games, and for the game, Lunch Break Jake.

Web    game logo

The story

A construction worker, Jake, is stationed atop a high building for a shift. The lunch bell rings and with the full excitement for his lunch break, he carelessly jumps up (and stacks it big time… falls, slips, trips), and with great tumble of clumsiness manages to fall straight into a long, vertical shaft. This is executed in a comic manner. The mission is to get down safe- ly, so Jake can live, and eat lunch. The player must aim to collect as much equipment as possible on the fall down, as it protects you from the obstacles. It is encouraged to try to avoid the negative obstacles just as much. The safety gear items are crucial to learning the safety rules, and are represented as power-up of the game. The items posses a visual a mental appeal.

Concept Document in the early stages of development.

concept doc 1 small    concept doc 2 small    concept doc 3 small

Game Design Document for Lunch Break Jake

FINAL GDD 1 small    FINAL GDD 2 small    FINAL GDD 3 small    FINAL GDD 4 small

Storyboard for intro animation during early stages of development

storyboard small